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Pre-Registration Tips

Dìner en Blanc is a unique pop-up event. Guests bring certain items as a tradition of the Dìner en Blanc events, so that the location is kept a secret until the last minute and so it just pops up out of no where and then disappears without a trace. This unique part of the event keeps the ticket price low and affordable.
Registration opens on Monday April 25 for members in Phase 1. Before you register, here are some helpful tips that you can do to make sure your Dìner en Blanc experience gets off to a great start.
PURCHASE FOOD AND DRINKS FROM E-STORE:  Reduce some of the workload by pre-purchasing some of the catering options we have provided on our e-store. You can pre-purchase some delicious meals from Toulouse Gourmet or even your wine and champagne from our sponsors Apothic Wines and Moet Chandon. The Moet items, in particular, are offered at a great value, below the average retail price. By purchasing your food and drinks from the e-store, you will have a few less things to pack and carry (Remember that you still need to bring glasses, plates, cutlery, etc).

CREATE A PLAN WITH FRIENDS: Talk with your friends and family that are attending and create a workable plan. Discuss in advance your preferences for pick up location. Then, one person should register, picking a group leader based on that location and then a table leader. Once those leaders are chosen, inform the rest of the group of those selections so they can pick the same options and your group can be seated together.
CREATE A CHECKLIST:  Create a list of all the items that you want/need to bring and assign responsibilities to those in your group.
1. A square Folding Table either 2’ by 2’ or 3’ by 3’ for every two people
2. White chairs (can be covered in a white cloth if not white)
3. Table cloth and white napkins (white napkins are needed for the napkin wave)
4. Plates and Cutlery - must not be disposable
5. Glasses
6. Delicious, picnic-type food
7. Table Decorations
It is a good idea to carry some of these items in a white basket and use a cart to transport them (the cart can be stored under your table and doesn't need to be white).
The last tip is to always reach out to your assigned leaders if you need any help. They are there to help make sure that your Dìner en Blanc experience is the best it can be.
Happy planning and see you at Dìner en Blanc 2016!

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Patricia J.
7 month ago
How do I approve my daughter table setting next to mine.
It's Ok that she sit next to me, this is my first time participating and would love to be close to family..
Her name is Tricia Jones-McClue
[Tabatha J.
8 month ago
How will I be able to seat by my friend who's on a different bus
Deadria D.
1 year ago
This will be our first time and we are really looking forward to the event.
Carolyn D.
1 year ago
Looking forward to 2017
Clarita A.
welcome aboard
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